1 Way to a Peaceful Marriage

Today is a short entry as far as blogs go.  One concept and a few scriptures.

I read from, listen to and watch various pastors and Christian leaders, both local and worldwide.  I agree with most, but certainly not all.  The following story rings very true.  One such leader recently told how when she was first married she was strong willed, argumentative and generally difficult to be around.  However, no matter how much she pushed or how hard she tried her husband would not engage her in conflict.  He responded by either simply ignoring unreasonable outbursts or with a calm attitude.  How was this possible?  I know that for most of us we would be sorely tempted to yell right back.


Jesus gives us His peace for not only our internal struggles, but also for situations where we encounter others who are not at peace.  One great gift you can give to your spouse is a spirit of peace.  If she knows that no matter what happens you will not explode in anger or fly into a rage it opens up avenues for depth of communication that most couples will never see.   She can share her secret dreams or confess when something happened of which she is not proud.  A spirit of peace in your marriage will lead to greater intimacy and understanding of each other.  Peace come from Jesus and is part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit (see Galatians 5:22-23).

Here is a simple instruction from Paul, that if followed will not only improve your marriage, but all relationships in your life. (Credit to RedLetterChristians.org for the image.)


Do you want to see more peace in your life?  Then go be a peacemaker!

Love you all!