Hey! Welcome to Happier Husband, I’m so glad you decided to stop by.

This page is intended to give you a (hopefully) short intro about who I am and what you can expect to see around here.

Let’s start with a little about me. I firmly believe that any couple can have an epic, amazing marriage! Society works hard to convince us that there are no truly happy marriages. Society is wrong…and I can prove it.

I’m a guy who came from a broken home, and made a commitment to never experience that situation again. A wonderful friend introduced me to Jesus when I was 17.

A couple of years later I met the woman who I KNEW would be the love of my life. It took her an extra year to get the same message. :-)

That was more than 23 years ago and we are an ecstatically happy couple!  Thanks be to God and all glory to Him!  My goal with Happier Husband is simple, to help husbands, husbands-to-be and marriages become MUCH happier. If one marriage is happier because of these blogs then it’s all worth it.

How will we accomplish this?

  • I usually post two new articles per week, Monday and Tuesday. These articles will contain real life tips that we have used to make our marriage amazing! Plus we will bring in some fantastic folks to do guest posts to help you even more.
  • I’ll add links and comments about other resources (podcasts, books, events, etc.) to build your marriage.
  • Coming late Summer 2015 we will be offering coaching packages so you can interact directly with Sally and me to create your specific marital bliss!

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God bless your love for each other!


  • John Hancock

    I read your “article” in the Huffington Post and you’re a pathetic shill selling your own brand of crazy and stupid. You’re marketing “counseling” and coaching packages along with your snake oil religion of myths, fables and fairy tales. You’re a loser.