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A Problem With Growing Up

Do you know one of the problems with growing up?  We know what to expect.
For example I am posting this blog on a Sunday. Many of you will head to church in the morning, go out for Sunday dinner (or enjoy a big meal at home), take a nap (slackers ;-)), the men will possibly watch a game and then you’ll either go to Sunday night church, classes or chill out with a movie. On Monday you will get up, some will hit the gym or workout at home, then go to work, come home for dinner and chill out with the TV. A small percentage of you will go to either a second job or an evening job, some will work on a degree or a home based business.

Sounds normal, it’s what people expect and it’s comfortable.

In the middle of your comfortable life have you ever just stopped?  Have you ever looked at your life and wondered, “Is this all there is God?”  Not in an a questioning whether or not God knows what is best, but rather just trying to figure out what’s going on.

I think those are the precious moments, in the middle of our busyness, while we are just “doing life” that God breaks in.

Let me ask you three questions. Is there space in your life for God to move?  Are you open to change from Him?  If He asked would you completely change your current path?

I’ll bet you quickly answered “Yes!” to those questions. Now stop. Just pause and reflect. Reread each of those questions one at a time. Turn them into prayers.

“God, help me to open up my life for you to move.  Change anything and everything as You see fit. I’m ready to go and do whatever You ask wherever You lead.”

What if He asks you to quit your job and start a ministry or become a missionary or (worst of all) to NOT quit your job just yet?

Let me explain why I have the above quote from the book of Mark in this post.

When you tell your young child something they usually take it on faith. They implicitly trust you. Sometimes they like it and sometimes they don’t, but they trust that you will not do them harm.

As adults we believe we know what to expect in life. We have a routine and we expect that routine to continue. However change is inevitable. When the unexpected happens we freak out a little (or a lot) and run to God in a panic.  But following after God means receiving what happens in life  like a little child.

Sally and I are learning that we can only hold on to God and to each other. Our children are old enough now that they can (and do) make their own decisions. At this point we are empty nesters…and that’s ok. Those of you who have children in your homes, especially little children, probably can’t even imagine that time in your lives. It will come. If you have built everything in your lives around your children then the empty nest will be the one of the hardest times in your life.

However if you have built your lives to accept God’s plan as children yourselves then you’ll see this as the next adventure. For Sally and me God is revealing new and exciting things almost daily. It is SO fun!

Let’s wrap this up. Your life will either be filled with change and a completely high stress mess because you are trying to control everything OR your life will be filled with change and an exciting adventure following after God. You can’t avoid change, but if you have faith as a little child then you can minimize both stress and worry.


One last thought. When you open up your schedule, your family, your career and your life up to God you can expect He will act. If you don’t open up these things to God then change will still happen, but not necessarily in the ideal way. If you want the fruit of God’s full plan for your life then you have to ask for it and jump in with both feet!

Love you all!