Girls and Skin

Sometimes my lovely bride jumps in with a post. Today is one of those days that you get to enjoy. Her post is incredibly practical and NOT what you are expecting….but it’s an issue a lot of folks (gals and guys) experience. Enjoy!

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Enter Sally:

This may be a little different than the usual Tuesday topics, but you know, that’s what Tuesday is a wild card, right? This topic may be more for the women, but there are probably some men who have dealt with it too. My father had skin allergies and I known men and women who have suffered from rosacea and other skin conditions.

A Little Background

I (Sally) have had allergies for as long as I can remember. When I was a toddler, my mother would have to buy special soap for me because I would break out in rashes from the typical baby soaps used. There was no allergy testing performed, they just told her to buy a particular soap and use it and it worked.

As I grew older though, I started to want to choose my own soaps and shampoos. I used perfumes and lotions just like everyone else.  I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup and my acne was so bad that as a young teen, I started trying to cover it up with talcum powder I found in the bathroom. My mother found out and finally bought me my first face powder. It helped a little, but was just masking the issues. Eventually she took me to a dermatologist who prescribed some kind of cream to apply to my skin. It burned my face so bad that it actually started coming off in large chunks. I was red like a lobster and totally embarrassed. I remember going to a concert at the Fox Theatre with our teen group when it was at the worst point. The doctor decided it was too strong for me…ya think?

What I Have Discovered

So for years I have tried different products trying to balance out my skin. Eventually as an adult, I went to see a different dermatologist, and he determined that I have rosacea.  Before prescribing a medication for that, he insisted on doing skin allergy testing. I had already had this done several times previously for airborne allergies, but this was new. I found out that I am allergic to something called Balsam of Peru. You would think this would be helpful, but no product that I have ever seen actually says   ‘Balsam of Peru’ in the ingredients list. This is because it comes in many forms and has many chemical names (see

I started reading labels. I tried products that were hypoallergenic or labeled ‘free and clear.’  I was told that Clinique would be perfectly fine for me to use and would help. They have a redness line that I used for years and it seemed to help a little, but my dryness and redness never went away. I tried the extra moisturizing night creams, but there was something in there that make me get small rashes on my face and neck. So I went back to just the basics and have dry skin.  In the last year and a half, I have had random hives appear on my face and have decided it is time to try something new because clearly, this is NOT working.

I Know You Want To Help, But…

Before you start sending me links to the latest skin care miracle, let me say that I have tried several that were supposed to be toxin free and they still seem to irritate my face. Also, if you went to the link above, it warns me to stay away from essential oils.

I have started researching natural remedies and pinning many things to my Pinterest boards. My first step is that I am beginning to wash my face and moisturize with coconut oil. It sounds crazy, but it is very soothing. Some of the benefits of coconut oil are that it is antimicrobial, retains moisture and delays aging. I am all for that! I have not gotten the right balance yet, but I am working on it. I will also be adding some vitamin E oil into the regimen. I have heard so much good things about both.  I hope to be able to make a mixture that is easy to travel with and actually does what I need it to.

In Conclusion

Life is about trial and error. I am hoping that soon I will start to see good results from what I am doing. If you have had this allergy and dealt with it successfully, please share what you have found! If you don’t suffer from allergies and can wear perfumes, scented body lotions and use the latest hair products to make your hair stay where you put it, be sure to thank God above.  😉

Hopefully I will have some good updates in the near future!