Odd Things

I do odd things. Actually, I do relatively odd things. Relative to what most of my friends and family do. I didn’t used to do these odd things…but now I rather enjoy them.


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What Odd Things?

You know, odd things like go to the gym regularly, run 10 miles on a Saturday, swim through mud, climb over old cars and up ropes. Odd things like start my own business. Odd things like listen to podcasts rather than talk radio, music or sports. Odd things like work on putting together ways to coach other couples to have amazing marriages. Odd things.

What this Post Isn’t About

This post isn’t about exercise or working out. I’m not trying to convince anyone to run a 10K or half-marathon with me…and certainly not a Warrior Dash. No, this post isn’t about anything like that.

What this Post Is About

This post is about not being normal. This post is about finding your own odd things. Normal people do what most of their friends do. Normal people follow the trends of society. Normal people lead normal lives. Normal people have a normal impact. A normal impact is a nominal impact. Normal people miss out on a “life more abundant.” (see John 10:10) Normal people doing normal things don’t change the world. Normal people doing normal things don't change the world. Click To Tweet

What Time Is It?

It’s time to step out. It’s time to back to school. It’s time to quit school and pursue your dreams. It’s time to go to the mission field. It’s time to make your long time neighborhood your mission field. It’s time to start learning guitar, or Spanish, or write your book, or quit your job, or do what it takes to get promoted at your company. It’s time to sell the house. It’s time to buy a house.

It’s time to step out.

My friends, life is about experiences. Collect them. My friends, life is about experiences. Collect them. Click To Tweet

If you don’t try anything new how will you know what you can do? I promise that you can do more than you think.

It’s time for you to do something odd.

Drop me a note in the comments with the odd thing you are doing or are going to do.

Love you all!



  • Kimberly Kroth Hamil

    Do you listen to the God Journey podcasts? They are excellent!

    • http://happierhusband.com Troy

      I do you Kim but maybe I should check them out. Thanks for the comment and suggestion. :-)