One of the secrets of a good marriage? How you treat your wife.

Let me start the post with a true story:

Yesterday we went to the chiropractor, but due to the timing we drove separately. I arrived first. When my wife walked in I said, “My day just got better, my girl is here”! One of the young ladies working there (who sees us a lot) said, “Wow! Even after all the years you’ve been together he still talks like that?? That’s great…unless it is an act and only happens when you are around other people.” My wife smiled and replied, “No, he is always like that.”

I don’t relate this story to brag…I relate it to demonstrate a principle. Your wife should receive more lavish words of praise, more unrestricted kindness, more powerful grace, more acts of unrequested service, and more sweet gentleness than any other man or woman in your life! Your marriage will eventually end because one day one of you will go to be with the Lord first. Until that time treat your precious lady as her Lord would treat her. She deserves it and the results will be a better marriage than you could ever imagine!