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Things Are About to Get Better

Today’s post is different than most. First some news then a chance for you to give your opinion.

The News You Need

Over the next 90-120 days we will be making significant improvements to http://happierhusband.com. We will still have our regular husband focused blog but we will be adding many other great resources. Possibly a second blog that is not just for the guys that includes marriage and personal growth material.

We are looking at perhaps a set of recommended resources that Troy has been using. This may include books, podcasts, events and such. Even tips for taking care of your body may be included.

We really want to turn the http://happierhusband.com/ into a destination to grow your marriage, your spirit and your health. In addition we will be offering marriage coaching packages to take our personal experience and work directly with you to help you have an AMAZING marriage!

Did I mention a total website redesign is also in the works?

Where You Come In

We have ideas and are praying…but we are looking for input. If you have suggestions or thoughts about content or would like to see some specific topic(s) covered then we want to know!

The first change will start right away. We will be modifying the days we release new blog posts. So no more Wednesday and Sunday posts…our studies show that to reach and help more people Monday and Tuesday are the best days. So look for our next new post this coming Monday!

To give us your input just comment below, hit me up on Twitter @happierhusband or http://Facebook.com/troystoneking.

I am VERY excited about the improvements you are all going to see!

Thanks and love you all!