The First Tuesday

Get ready. For several months the Happier Husband blog has been primarily focused on the husband’s perspective on how to have a happier marriage. On our Monday blogs that will continue as we have fans who have repeatedly shown their appreciation. On Tuesday…

Broadening Our Horizons

Tuesday blogs will be different. I have two different blog “voices”. One of them is my serious “marriage mentor” type voice. That’s what you’ve read in the past and will usually see on the Monday blogs. On Tuesdays I’ll let go a little bit and lighten things up. Expect generous helpings of sarcasm.  Plus we will add new stuff to the blog mix.

What Kind of New Stuff?

Well we may talk about silly things such as the dress that broke the Internet or Kirk vs. Picard. You may see some great guest bloggers show up. There is a good chance you’ll see some health and fitness posts and maybe even pictures of me with loved ones covered in mud like this one:


Or the same group in our awesome Warrior Dash hats:


The Wrap Up

We may talk about books and podcasts. I expect there will be a fair amount of personal growth type stuff.  In short the Tuesday posts will be wide ranging and generally less serious. We will be playing around with them to see what sticks and what doesn’t. They probably won’t all be horrible, but no promises.

So prepare yourself…next Tuesday is coming! I cannot WAIT, this is going to be fun!!!!


  • David Mike

    Looking forward to the new stuff.

    • Troy

      Thanks Mike!