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Over the years I have spent a lot of time studying various principles of success in life. One of those principles is “To have what someone has you have to do what they did.” This applies in careers, running a business, personal growth, spiritual maturity and physical development. It’s a truism for almost any aspect of advancement.

In case you are interested in my daily habits of being the happiest and most fulfilled husband I know then this is your chance to peek behind the curtain. Thanks be to God for putting me on this path.

Before I start listing things out let me refer to a few posts that are foundational to where Sally and I are today. The first is The Book That Started It All. We didn’t have a bad marriage before reading and applying the principles from this book, but afterwards our marriage went from good to amazing! Another post and one you may be surprised to see in this list is Three Words. This one makes a huge difference in your attitude. Finally there is First Place. If we don’t get that one right then everything else falls apart. There are many others I could recommend but hopefully these three will get you set for what is to follow.

I am no super spiritual person. My life contains imperfections and flaws that God is merciful to forgive and He is working with me to remove them as I grow in Him. Don’t think as you go through this list that it is beyond your capability. I started out slowly in each of these areas and grew into it.

I’m just going to go through a typical day. I hope this helps. I’m not listing specific times of day for all activities because your schedule may not match mine.

  • Wake up and do morning devotional, Bible reading, prayer and mission affirmation.  HEY!  Don’t freak out.  Total time for this is anywhere from 5-15 minutes.
    • The devotional is usually a one page reading which connects some type of spiritual growth principle with a Bible verse and practical application.  This year I have been going through the Power Thoughts Devotional by Joyce Meyer.  I usually have either a 30/40 or 365 day devotional book.
    • Bible reading – sometimes it an entire chapter and other times it’s a single verse.  Right now I am reading my way through the New Testament but not on any schedule.  Sometimes God stops me and keeps me in a section or verse for a while.  For example there are some upcoming things in our life that have not yet come to fruition and people we are praying for and the Lord has held me on Hebrews 11:1 for several days.Hebrews111
    • Prayer – Don’t over think this.  Some days it is literally a minute or two.  Other days longer.  Sometimes I am led to just offer thanks to the Lord.  Usually I offer praise, thanksgiving, petitions for others and myself AND favor.  Don’t hesitate to ask the Lord for favor in situations and with people you will encounter.  It’s quite biblical.
    • Mission affirmation – Earlier this year Sally and I went to a Personal Focus Retreat with a group from our church.  During that weekend the Lord gave me a mission for the next season of my life.  I read that mission statement at least once a day as a prayer of surrender and confirmation.  FYI I mention the retreat in a few blog posts, but Why Me? Captures some of the mission statement.
    • Throughout the day as the Lord leads me I pray for people and situations.
    • Oh, Sally and I each usually listen to some type of Christian speaker while showering.  Mark Batterson, Andy Stanley and Joyce Meyer have recently been playing.
  • Exercise & Health
    • As you may know from several blog posts, including The 1 Most Common Marriage Killing Habit, I push hard on good health.  If you read Quality Time in an Unusual Manner you’ll see about the joy to be had by working out with your spouse.
    • I work out six days a week.  SIX DAYS.  Yes, that may make me a freak, but if you get some exercise 3-4 times per week it will help immensely.
    • Depending on the day my workouts involve running, lifting, abdominal exercises, and other areas.  If you want a detailed list let me know.
    • You don’t have to do what I do for workouts, but you should do something.
    • I eat reasonably healthily.  Not obsessively.  Again, if you want details let me know as we recently made a significant change in this area to help with preventing chronic diseases.
  • Go to work.
    • I have a day job.
  • Prayer and Bible reading.
    • Before bed I spend a few more minutes reading the Bible as in the morning and praying alone.
    • Just before Sally and I get ready to turn in for the night we read a short devotional.  Right now we are reading The One Year Love Talk Devotional by Les and Leslie Parrott.
    • We pray together.  Just about every night.  The only exceptions are if one of us is travelling or is just too sick or sleepy (again, not perfect).  But in the past several months we have missed VERY few nights.  Why is this important?  Check out the powerful post Why Christian Couples Get Divorced.
  • Final notes.
    • I tell my wife several times every day that I love her.  Not once, but several times.
    • I treat her with gentleness and kindness.  She likes that. :-) Take a look at Stop Fighting! to see my heart on this issue.
    • I read a lot.  Books on personal growth, books about growing in the Lord, books on business and relating to others.  If I fill my mind with things that will help me draw closer to God and others then it will spill over in a positive way in my marriage.

To be honest there are more things I could put in this post, but this seems like a good stopping place. I hope this helps you.  Remember it is not about being impressed or jealous or envious or bragging. This is just how I live my life thanks to the Lord. If you want to be a happier husband or wife then you might consider asking God how to add some of these habits into your daily life.

Love you all!



  • David Mike

    Thanks for sharing your routine. Intentionality leads to success.

    • http://happierhusband.com Troy

      You are welcome David! I appreciate the comment.

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