2 Challenges

I realize that today is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and many of you are travelling, or if not travelling you may be preparing for guests.  To honor your time and still (hopefully) offer some value today’s post will be short and to the point.

You may remember from the post 22 Years of Failure that until a few months ago my lovely bride and I didn’t pray together regularly.  (On a side note I highly recommend going back and reading that post.  It has a statistic about divorce and couples who pray together that will blow your mind!)  I have to say that doing so has changed our dynamic in speaking about and trusting in God.  Our trust in the Lord is a regular part of conversation now.

One thing I did as we first began praying together was to thank God for Sally.  I am now careful to do so every time.

This is important to me for a couple of reasons:

  • I want her to know I am thankful to her.
  • I want to acknowledge to the Lord that I recognize she is a gift and blessing from Him.


This post is called 2 Challenges.  Over the next few days you’ll likely be spending time with loved ones.  Perhaps you don’t particularly like some of the people you will be seeing.  Your personalities are different; you don’t necessarily share the same beliefs or attitudes.  Frankly they may not like you very much either.  Still, as those loved and forgiven by God we need to appreciate every person the Lord brings into our lives.

Below are the two challenges.  You may find one easier than the other and which one is easier may differ from person to person.

  • Thank God for your spouse in prayer daily, as often as is possible do so while praying together.
  • Over Thanksgiving tell each person who shares the holiday with you some way in which you are thankful for them.

Be grateful to God and thank Him for all things.

Love you my friends!