How to Fall In Love All Over Again

My lovely wife and I have often found ourselves on long trips together, driving to various destinations. A habit we established some time ago was working through a book on the ride. We would purchase a book, usually something related to spiritual or personal growth, and she would read as we travelled.

I found two unrelated but wonderful benefits to this practice. The first is obvious, we both learned and grew as we heard and applied the principles in the books. The second was subtle and unexpected, but no less profound.

I fell in love all over again.

The sound of her voice, which I had taken for granted, became very precious to me. The pitch, cadence, and beauty of her pronunciation captured my heart in a way they never had before. She would ask at times, if I wanted her to stop, and my answer, as I smiled, was always, “No, and thank you for reading to me.”

Men, I implore you, listen to your wife, not only the words but the sweetenes of the voice the Lord has given to her. When she does not notice marvel over the curve of her cheek, the small half smile when she is happy, the kindness of her eyes, the giggle of the little girl that is always just under the surface.  Stare in wonder that our Father has placed this person of poise and grace in your life.  Do not let the frenetic pace with which you go through each day keep you from missing the beauty that walks by your side.

Thank your Father for the gift that is marriage and the love shared uniquely between an amazing woman and you, her blessed husband.

Take the time to fall in love all over again.


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